Traditional Mughal Tent


Product Name:  Traditional Mughal Tent

Product Code : RTMGL-108

Product Size : 8m x 8m, 9m x 9m, 11m x 11m, 12m x 12m or Customized Size

Resort Tents Offers Mughal Tents That Depict True Indian Traditional Art

Take yourself back to the era of the Mughal with the ubiquitous white-colored traditional Mughal tent from Resort Tents, one of the leading tent manufacturers from India. The amazing spread of area under the spacious tent blends well with the artistic work reminding you of true Indian heritage and beauty. The presence of the tent lends a mystic and ancient aura to the ambiance of your party, event, or celebrations.

Our Mughal tents have a characteristic dome-shaped top that reminds one of the buildings and structures made during the Mughal dynasty. Choose from 16 different types of aesthetically-made tents available in several sizes, patterns, and designs. Our tents are tailored from the finest fabrics. Besides the readymade dimensions, we also offer personalized tailoring options.


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