Spacious Shikar Tent


Product Name: Spacious Shikar Tent

Product Code : ASHK117 (7)

Product Size : 12ft x 24ft, 13t x 26ft, 14ft x 28ft or Customized Size

Tenting Solutions from Resort Tents, India’s Luxury Tent Manufacturer

Resort Tents is one of the finest luxury resort tent manufacturers based out of Jodhpur, India. We bring to you the very popular and spacious Shikar Tent that will remind you of hunting tales of noble and royal families in the thick Indian jungles. Robust and strong, these dependable tents, available in a range of colors will take you back to the era when preying and hunting so common in India. Today, these reliable tents have become a part and parcel of camping and trekking trips, outdoor fun and entertaining activities, picnics, marriages, product launches, dealer meets, and more.

As a premier luxury resort tent manufacturers, we are committed to manufacturer superlative quality tents that are dependable, uniquely designed, made from the best materials, and weather-proof.


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