Handmade Resort Tent


Product Name : Handmade Resort Tent

Product Code : ASWS111 (1)

Product Size :  12ft x 24ft, 13t x 26ft, 14ft x 28ft or Customized Size

Flawless Traditional Handmade Tents from India’s Leading Resort Tent Manufacturer

The joy of spending some time from your busy life inside a hand-made resort tent can be incomparable. If you value the work of local artisans and tailors who put their heart and soul into creating some impeccable luxurious tents, then choose to buy camping and resort tents from India’s leading hand-made resort tent manufacturers, Resort Tents.

Based in Jodhpur, the royal state of Rajasthan, we are a team of excellent craftsmen who are exceedingly good with designing, cutting, sewing, stitching, and finishing a range of tent types. Our team members are locals who are trained in traditional tailoring which is why you will find our tent designs so different and distinct from others. As a top resort tent manufacturer, we ensure flawless tents that are rendered with immaculate perfection!


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